Company’s presentation

Stateslab® develops a product • StatesOne© • related to a term we invented back in 2012: Local News EngineTM. Stateslab® is an early-stage startup founded in November 2012 and registered in August 2016. Its 5 core objectives can be listed as follows:

  1. To improve developing countries’ depiction on a global scale
  2. To offer global brands a new audience in 40 emerging markets
  3. To help local people get a quicker access to pertinent data regarding their countries wherever they live
  4. To help foreign people get a better understanding of local traditions (culture, culinary, religion, music, cinema)
  5. To become #1 Local News Engine in 40 countries by 2017 and #1 World News Leader by 2024.

Why are our vision and philosophy different than those of our competitors?

  1. We see the developing countries differently as they are presented by the global media (TV, Radio, Internet)
  2. We envision developing countries as a prospective economic leverage (ref. to Kondratiev waves) in terms of consumption and outsourcing opportunities
  3. We think that countries, and especially people can get a better advantage of what they produce best (ref. to David Ricardo Comparative Advantages Theory)
  4. We think we have the ability to build a powerful and long-standing vehicle in developing countries for global firms
  5. We see the improvement of developing countries’ depiction on global scale as the very first stage of this scenario. We are the very first Internet company to concretely open a new, courageous and innovative perspective of that issue.

Who are we?

Stateslab® is a startup company of two computer skilled people who imagine the world half a century from now and have decided to build national and continental gates, which will let global firms see and understand their future markets, whether they are a company, a public or a private Organization. Our success will mechanically correlate to yours, if your desire is to be a long-term strategic partner, either on a local plan or within the tech industry. We believe in:

  • Hard-working: no pain, no gain
  • Performance, beauty, efficiency of new technologies (core and visual)
  • Proven marketing and corporate strategies for growth 
  • Exclusive technologies and “know-how” related to a Business Strategic Unit

Where is our product hosted?

Our product is hosted in the US • Los Angeles, CA • and our company fully-registered in France • Paris, IDF • . Our start-up company respects the Terms and Conditions of its indexed local and global accounts, as other major Search-Engines and Social Media. If you find any breach or infringement of your Terms Of Use or Intellectual Property, please report us an abuse: the content related to your intellectual property or to the breach of your product’s Terms Of use will be removed under 24 hours and no longer accessible. We are among top companies that offer you such control and power over the data we index.

What is our moral responsibility?

Our startup company has a moral responsibility, even though it is in early-stage existence and must be treated as such. Our product has General Conditions of Utilization and can be used by any user of at least 13 years of age for legal reasons. Our startup company may apply a censorship policy as a response to any violation of its product installation, General Condition of Utilization, Human Rights Violation regarding users’ posts • StatesOne© displays contents from 40 countries in a strictly equal presentation and invites its final users to do so •. Our security policy may include any type of direct action on Devices or Automating systems trying to corrupt or sabotage our installations. Mouse Tracing and/or Real IP Revealer may be applied in our current or upcoming versions to guarantee platform’s availability to our final users. Our legal policy includes any type of court action, which can be applied worldwide, in response to our product, shareholders, corporate assets defamation.

Report an abuse regarding your Terms of Use or Conditions: feel free to contact our technical team (step 1) if you find any infringement in your Terms or Use or Conditions. The data associated to your Organization, Company or Personal name will be permanently removed from our product within 24 hours days and will no longer be accessible by our team and by our final users.

Dispute settlements (step 2) can be applied in our 40 listed countries. Our startup has extended its responsibility in accordance to the laws of the European Union in • Article 12 of the Directive 95/46/EC •. For legal reason, step 1 is incumbent to both moral entities and must be respected. Our company respects the law of the EU • Right To Be Forgotten • as well as the Corporate Law of France • Taxation •.

Stateslab® and our final users are the two eligible entities that can access or have control over the data available on our final product. We will never sell, share or transfer data we index regarding countries. Our best guarantee to you as a personal user or a private/public Organization is Phoenix©, our Vanishing News SystemTM that auto-deletes data it indexes within 7 days.


Stateslab® and Singularitarianism

  • Stateslab® and ProjectARC©

Our h+ startup company initiated ProjectARC© in 2014, an experimental research project for an Advanced Reality Technology powered by the rapidly growing use of the Internet. ProjectARC© tends to help our final users get an ARC* (Advanced Retinal Capacity) for a better User Experience than our competitors’ products. Our team may conduct experimental tests within our Operating Version or upcoming ones by the use of holographic images or sounds, the use of an automated Artificial Intelligence and related nano-technologies. Our ambition with ProjectARC© is to embed our product StatesOne© into a physical product that could change people’s lives locally. ProjectARC© will help our product’s registered users obtain access to the cyberspace wherever they live within a specific terminal and advanced retinal capabilities in near future. Statesglass© is a brand-exclusive technology part of ProjectARC©.


Our product uses a brand-exclusive Vanishing News Technology TM in order to reduce its carbon footprint, to get rid of systematic articles storage, and by converting indexed data into smart links. Compare our carbon emissions to those of other search-engines at global scale.